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Increase performance by using Eloquent's `setRelation` method

While working on the upcoming Oh Dear redesign, I noticed that list that displays all sites of a team was very slow. To display that list, a lot of queries were used. With a couple of minor adjustments, I could reduce the number of queries...

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Eloquent power joins

If you have some experience using databases, it is very likely you have used joins at least once in your career. Joins can be used for a bunch of different reasons, from selecting data from other tables to limiting the matches of your query.

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The new findOr method in Laravel 9.x

A minor release for Laravel 9.x dropped a few days ago and among lots of new features and improvements, this release has introduced a new method called findOr in the Eloquent Builder and Relations.

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Clear orderBy in Laravel's Eloquent Builder

If you've tried to use orderBy on a previously ordered query in Laravel, you'll probably find it doesn't work. There's a great reason for that, which we'll explain at the end of the post.

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