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How to use Laravel WebSockets

In this guide, we will walk you through how to use Laravel WebSockets. We will be using the Laravel WebSockets package which is a great replacement for Pusher.

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#database #json

Using SingleStore as a JSON Document Database

Continuing our series on the multi-model capabilities of SingleStoreDB, we'll discuss SingleStoreDB's support for JSON data in this article.

#semantic #html

Using Semantic Elements to Improve Your HTML

Making sure that your website is easy for search engines to crawl and understand is hugely important. It's also equally important to make sure that your website is well structured to make it more accessible for your readers.

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Setting up Laravel with Inertia.js + Vue.js + Tailwind CSS

A quick guide on setting up the VILT stack for your next application.

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#websockets #real-time

How to setup and scale the perfect websocket server for your Laravel project

With Laravel and the appropriate WebSocket server, it is easily possible to push event-based data from a Laravel application to the web application.

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Keeping your .env.example file updated

Envy is a package by Worksome designed to take the pain out of syncing environment files with your Laravel project. Let's check it out.

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#GCP #google #deployments

Beginner’s Guide to Deploying PHP Laravel on the Google Cloud Platform: Part 3

Bilal continues his series on the PHP Laravel framework by securing the POST request and the Google Cloud Platform.

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#database #triggers

Maintain statistics about your database tables using Laravel and triggers

In this article, I’ll explore why I created a package to easily maintain accurate statistics for database tables by using triggers.