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Keeping your .env.example file updated

Envy is a package by Worksome designed to take the pain out of syncing environment files with your Laravel project. Let's check it out.

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Beginner’s Guide to Deploying PHP Laravel on the Google Cloud Platform: Part 3

Bilal continues his series on the PHP Laravel framework by securing the POST request and the Google Cloud Platform.

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#database #triggers

Maintain statistics about your database tables using Laravel and triggers

In this article, I’ll explore why I created a package to easily maintain accurate statistics for database tables by using triggers.

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Domain-Driven Design with Laravel: Data Transfer Objects

Domain-Driven Design is a software development approach that tries to bring the business language and the source code as close as possible.

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#validation #validators

Laravel Validation: A Tale of Existence

One of my latest Laravel tips on Twitter, discussing Laravel validators for checking the existence of...

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How to find the slowest query in your application

Is your website slow? does it take ages to load? Are the users complaining that it's almost unusable?. You should check your database queries.

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#web scraping

Complete Web Scraping toolkit for PHP

Roach PHP is a complete web scraping toolkit for PHP and Laravel projects.

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Clear orderBy in Laravel's Eloquent Builder

If you've tried to use orderBy on a previously ordered query in Laravel, you'll probably find it doesn't work. There's a great reason for that, which we'll explain at the end of the post.

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