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#security #encryption

Generating a secure encryption key for a custom Eloquent model cast

Yesterday, I posted a tip on Twitter about using a custom Eloquent attribute cast to handle encryption. Doing this, allows you to use a custom key per model, which can increase the security of your...

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Macros in Laravel

Laravel's `Illuminate\Support\Macroable` trait allows you extend classes at runtime with custom methods.

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#eloquent #database

Eloquent power joins

If you have some experience using databases, it is very likely you have used joins at least once in your career. Joins can be used for a bunch of different reasons, from selecting data from other tables to limiting the matches of your query.

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#requests #testing #factories

Using Request Factories for Gorgeous Feature Tests

Request Factories make testing requests in Laravel even more enjoyable. Let's check them out and see what's possible!

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#performance #scaling

Does Laravel Scale?

The internet is full of lies about whether Laravel can scale. Here's the truth.

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#jobs #command bus

Laravel Command Bus

In Laravel 5.1 the Command Bus was replaced with Dispatchable Jobs, we can still use them but let us also look at how to add a Command Bus.

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#roles #permissions

A Complete Guide To Managing User Permissions In Laravel Apps

You are authorized to access this article! Learn how to secure your Laravel application with simple roles and permissions.

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20 Useful Laravel Tips

Read 20 useful tips that you can use in your Laravel projects. These tips have been built using my best-performing tweets on Twitter and cover databases, standards, testing, Artisan commands, and much more.

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