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Beginner’s Guide to Deploying PHP Laravel on the Google Cloud Platform

Bilal starts a new series about using the Google Cloud Platform to deploy a PHP Laravel application.

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Create beautiful Open Graph images with Browsershot and Tailwind CSS

For Artisan School, I wanted to create custom Open Graph images for each video page. For example, when somebody shares a link on social media...

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Using Database Transactions to Write Safer Laravel Code

In web development, data integrity and accuracy is really important. So, making sure that we write code that stores, updates and deletes data in our databases in a safe way is imperative.

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Using a Custom Key for Encrypted Cast Model Attributes in Laravel

Laravel allows you to cast model attributes as encrypted strings, when stored in the database. This gives you added security for any values that are sensitive.

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How to build modals with Laravel and Livewire

Learn how to use the Livewire UI modal package to build modals for your Laravel application

#events #batches #livewire

Laravel Batches and real-time progress with Livewire

Learn how to get started with Laravel Batches and how to show the batch progression in real-time with Livewire.


Using simple yet effective caching for Laravel queries

The simple caching strategy in Laravel can greatly improve the loading speed of your site.

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