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#performance #scaling

Does Laravel Scale?

The internet is full of lies about whether Laravel can scale. Here's the truth.

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#jobs #command bus

Laravel Command Bus

In Laravel 5.1 the Command Bus was replaced with Dispatchable Jobs, we can still use them but let us also look at how to add a Command Bus.

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#roles #permissions

A Complete Guide To Managing User Permissions In Laravel Apps

You are authorized to access this article! Learn how to secure your Laravel application with simple roles and permissions.

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20 Useful Laravel Tips

Read 20 useful tips that you can use in your Laravel projects. These tips have been built using my best-performing tweets on Twitter and cover databases, standards, testing, Artisan commands, and much more.

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#eloquent #relationships

The new findOr method in Laravel 9.x

A minor release for Laravel 9.x dropped a few days ago and among lots of new features and improvements, this release has introduced a new method called findOr in the Eloquent Builder and Relations.

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#authentication #oauth

Implement a custom driver for Laravel Socialite

Laravel Socialite is an official Laravel package to authenticate with OAuth providers. It supports authentication with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, GitHub, and Bitbucket. But, what if you want to use a different driver?

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#data integrity #concurrency

Handling Concurrency attacks in laravel

Many companies have suffered due to such attacks and in this post, we would see how Laravel solves this problem without a developer breaking a sweat!

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#carbon #dates

Carbon PHP Practical Examples

I've been working and experimenting a lot lately with Carbon, the sublime PHP date and time utility library. I've tweeted a lot of Carbon tips and decided to collect all these tips into a permanent article.

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